This studio has been created from my love of pottery and wanting to teach others to be creative and enjoy the mindfulness of playing with clay.  Pottery is a great passion of mine and I’ve been enjoying the relaxing aspect of pottery now for a few years and love the joy of creating something beautiful and unique from a clump of mud.

I also love the sharing of ideas and the inspiration that we gain from each other as we create and experiment with different aspects of pottery in the classes that are held here at my Wood Bay Studio here in Titirangi and soon to be the new branch at Tairua.

Wood Bay Studio website has been created as a place to appreciate other’s artworks and to show recognition to different artists for their wonderful skills and creations.  We are just about to go live with a new version in the next month of this website that will have artist login capabilities and a lot more work for sale and be advertising art classes and exhibitions around New Zealand to promote more creativity in NZ so watch this space and you will enjoy the growth of this website as we meet more and more amazing artists who will be able to sell their work on our website.

I was put in charge of organizing an art exhibition for our local primary school Titirangi Primary School, Auckland. I travelled around meeting artists and asking for donated works.  On my travels I met many artists who had the same problem as me in that it takes a certain self-confidence in one’s own work to be able to market it and sometimes to put a suitable price on it especially in items that have taken many hours/days.  I found that it was much easier for me to put a price on someone else’s wonderful art piece than sometimes them coming up with it themselves. I met many artists who were not putting true value on the time and effort taken to produce the quality end product.  Hence Wood Bay was born where I believe that we can help an artist to sell their items for a price that truly represents all the time, effort and love that they have put in whilst also providing a realistic price and variety of items to customers that have undergone our individual scrutiny to see that we are providing genuine great quality masterpieces.